Per ardua ad astra
Mulder, where are you going?

the manuscripts of the masters: scientists

albert einstein, ph.d., physics
marie curie, ph.d., physics, chemistry
nikola tesla, electrical&mechanical engineering
george washington carver, m.s., botany
rosalind franklin, ph.d., biophysics
charles darwin, evolutionary biology
thomas edison, electrical&mechanical engineering


Stargate SG-1: Lost City, part 1 (requested by handsofabitterman)


Daniel: What’s this?  Artifacts?

Officer: Yes

Daniel: You found all this and didn’t contact me?

Officer: We were going to

Daniel: They’ve been moved

Officer: Well they were in the way

Daniel: image

Jack: Daniel, go to your happy place

Space Sisters ROCK! Mary and Jeri and me 

Space Sisters ROCK! Mary and Jeri and me 


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